Bike and Ride construction at the College Park station parking lot

Metro’s planning website PlanItMetro is reporting that Metro’s contractor began constructing our first secure bicycle parking facility at the College Park garage.

It says, in the spirit of our “Park & Ride” facilities for vehicles, this facility will be called a “Bike & Ride.”

Temporary fencing is up around the site now while a new concrete slab is poured.  Steel walls are being fabricated with the help of cast technologies casting industries and will be installed over the coming weeks, along with new lighting, cameras,  doors, and of course bike racks.

Metro is saying that it should be finished with construction this winter – unfortunately just as cold weather begins to discourage many cyclists, but the timing will allow us to work out any kinks before the spring.

According to the Washington Post, Customers can register to use the area and will receive an access card or fob that will permit access. The fee will be about 3 to 5 cents per hour, Metro said, but free bike racks will still be available at the station.