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Metro Agrees to Plant Trees, Maintain Vegetation Across Creek

Cleared stream near Greenbelt Metro

Along with agreeing to install security cameras near the north College Park entrance of the Greenbelt station, WMATA has also agreed to plant trees and maintain vegetation across the creek that runs under the pathway connecting to our north College Park neighborhood.

Right after the sexual assault incident last year near the Metro entrance, the Metro authority (WMATA) did a brush a cleanup around the pathway causing a major uproar among some residents.  To them, Metro’s cleanup was too aggressive and probably destroyed the small stream that runs near the brushes.

These residents and City’s Committee for a Better Environment (CBE) sent a letter to Metro asking them to replant the stream area to restore the environment there without sacrificing public safety of nearby residents and Metro riders.

According to the plan, Metro plans to restore the stream bed near the entrance. After removing sediment deposits they plan to install a new rock-bed in the channel. They will plant 5 or 6 new trees. With respect to the area between the stream and the Hollywood Park fence, they will permit natural growth of the vegetation in this area and on the side between the Metro station and the stream they will allow natural growth for a 20ft buffer (from the stream).

WMATA estimated it will take about a year for the vegetation to fully grow back. Maintenance staff will keep other areas trimmed to prevent the overgrowth that we saw prior to last year’s big cutting.

Though ot was not quite what the residents and the CBE asked for, it’s good to see that Metro is responding. We’ll have to see how well they maintain the area now.


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  1. Andy E.

    I’m interested in helping maintain the trees at the Greenbelt Metro Station. I’ve noticed that a lot of them are very stressed from the high temperatures and small amount of rain we’ve had recently. Do you know of ways to get support for maintaining these trees, such as obtaining slow drip bags (such as Ooze tubes) from WMATA? I’ve thought about contacting Greenbelt government but I suppose it’s not their property to worry about? I’m not sure how to approach this situation.

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