Maryland Senate Passes Gun Violence Prevention Act

Gun violence

Last Friday, the Maryland Senate passed Gov. Martin O’Malley’s comprehensive gun violence prevention legislation.

Among its provisions, The Firearm Safety Act, SB 281 will:

  • Require buyers to provide fingerprints, complete safety training, obtain a license and undergo background checks before they purchase handguns.
  • Restrict purchases of military style assault weapons and limit the capacity of ammunition magazines to 10 rounds.
  • Give state police the authority to suspend or revoke the licenses of gun dealers who sell guns to criminals or otherwise violate Maryland law.
  • Prevent individuals who suffer from mental illness and are a danger to themselves or others from having access to firearms.

SB 281 now goes to the House of Delegates, and in the next few weeks, the legislators will hammer out a final agreement.

The Baltimore Sun ran a story on the debate. You can read it here.

College Park City Council also discussed the gun violence in our last worksession. Recently two UMD students and a Lanham resident became the victim of gun violence in College Park.

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