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MD Cities Mull Property Tax, Fee Hikes

When Maryland residents are hoping to have a relief in their property tax rates due to a drop in their assessed property values, many of their cities are considering to raise property taxes and fees as part of their upcoming budgets, according to this article in the Examiner. 

According to the report, Gaithersburg is considering a property tax increase for the first time in four decades, and Rockville is mulling fee increases. Bowie has proposed a 2.5-cent property tax rate increase to raise $1.6 million in the next year.

According to this Gazette report, the City of Hyattsville will keep its property tax rate at 63 cents per every $100 of assessed value.

Like Hyattsville, the City of College Park seems to keep the property tax rate at its current rate too, according to several council members.

No need for a City property tax increase for 2011.  We had the second largest percentage decline in assessable property in the County, but because we limited the growth of government in the prosperous years (2004-2008), we can manage the current revenue drop.  The continued loss of $600,000+ of state highway funds could result in a future 2-3 cents property tax increase, however, so we can afford to pay to fix our streets. – Council member Bob Catlin wrote to me in an email.

Mayor Andrew Fellows wrote to me in the same line:

In the near term I  believe our property tax will remain the same.  As I said during my campaign last year, I have no plan to raise taxes, though I believe that any responsible budget process has to consider potential revenue and expenses – and revenue include taxes

College Park is however proposing a raise in parking permit fees for city residents. The hike will be part of the city’s plan to make up $1 to 2 million budget short falls in the upcoming fiscal year.

The Maryland Municipal League(MML), the body representing the states’ Mayor and council members, is pushing to have more authorities in raising revenues to make up the state wide budget short falls. The city council members and the Mayors will be gathering in this year’s MML annual convention from June 27-30.


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  1. Robert Catlin

    I suspect Bowie’s proposed tax increase is related to its transition to a City Police Department. Bowie’s tax differential with the County is also increasing by about 4 cents (largely due to City police expenditures), so Bowie residents would actually experience an overall decrease in their property tax rate.

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