During the 2016 Maryland legislative sessions, the State House Bill 898 gave Baltimore City and individual counties in Maryland the option to provide this tax credit for the 2017 tax year to seniors over 65 and retired veterans.

Unfortunately, in order to make the tax credit effective in individual jurisdictions, the respective County would require to pass enabling legislation.

So far the Howard and Montgomery County that their respective County Councils have passed legislation that grants a 20% tax credit on property tax for elderly individuals (over 65) who have lived in there present home for over 40 consecutive years. The same credit is available for retired veterans . It’s believed that the credit is only authorized for 5 years.

We have many seniors and veterans in College Park for whom this would be beneficial, and I plan to ask our two County Council members representing College Park (Mary Lehman and Danielle Glaros) about the enabling legislation for our County residents. If there is a County bill, I can ask College Park City Council to send a letter supporting of the bill.