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Maryland Vehicle Registration Fees to Increase July 1

Starting July 1, Maryland motorists will face higher costs to register their vehicles. The new rates, part of a budget compromise between the House and Senate, will increase registration fees for passenger vehicles by 60-75%. Motor Vehicle Administrator Chrissy Nizer explained that the fee adjustments are necessary to provide critical revenue for the Transportation Trust Fund, ensuring the state’s infrastructure remains in good repair. The MVA is now offering the option to choose a one or two-year registration at renewal.

Currently, owners of passenger cars weighing up to 3,700 pounds pay $137 every two years. Beginning July 1, the registration fee for a passenger vehicle up to 3,500 pounds will be $221 every two years, or $110.50 annually. Vehicles weighing more than 3,500 pounds but less than 3,700 pounds will see new fees of $241 every two years, or $120.50 annually. Cars over 3,700 pounds will cost $323 for a two-year registration, up from $187.

These fee hikes, along with a forthcoming surcharge on electric and hybrid vehicles, aim to close a $3 billion projected gap in highway and transit funding. As gas tax revenues decline with more fuel-efficient vehicles, alternative funding sources are crucial. AAA Mid-Atlantic’s spokesperson, Ragina Ali, emphasized the need for equitable, transparent revenue to support roadway maintenance and infrastructure.

Additionally, a $40 fee per vehicle will support the state’s emergency medical system operations and the Maryland Trauma Physician Services Fund. The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration website lists all current and upcoming fees.

Electric vehicle owners will also face increased costs. The legislature has approved a surcharge of $250 every two years for electric vehicles and $200 for plug-in hybrids to balance the funding disparities between gas and electric-powered vehicles. These surcharges are projected to raise up to $20 million but will not take effect on July 1. A schedule for implementing these surcharges will be announced later.

Governor Wes Moore’s administration aims for all new car sales in Maryland to be electric by 2035, aligning with the state’s climate goals. As electric vehicles contribute more wear and tear on roads due to their weight, these surcharges ensure they contribute fairly to road maintenance.

For more details on the fee increases, visit the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration website. Stay informed about how these changes will impact your vehicle registration and the future of Maryland’s transportation infrastructure.


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    will hurt the poor working class that barely make it now. They have lost their minds

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