Fight Crime

In March 2011, 58 crime incidents have been reported in north College Park.

When compared with the February data, the figures have gone down slightly (from 62 to 58), yet the incident figures are way too high for a small neighborhood like ours, with an average of 2 incidents happening every day on average.

The high crime figures should only remind us the importance of getting involved in activities such as Neighborhood Watch program.

March crime data has the following breakdowns across types of calls.

Assault: 3
Break and Entering: 5
Recovered Stolen Auto: 4
Robbery: 1
Stolen Auto : 9
Theft: 11
Theft from Auto: 18
Vandalism: 7
DateTimeType of CallAddress
3/1/20112012Stolen Auto9500 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/2/20112149Theft From Auto9000 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/2/20111722Theft9000 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/3/20111303Robbery9000 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/3/20111120Stolen Vehicle9300 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/4/20111700Vandalism9300 Block CHERRY HILL RD
3/5/20112257Vandalism9200 Block SPRINGHILL LN
3/6/20111814Assault4800 Block HOLLYWOOD RD
3/6/20111631Theft9600 Block 52ND AV
3/8/20111251Theft9800 block 49TH AV
3/9/2011738Theft From Auto9500 block 48TH AV
3/9/2011813Theft From Auto9100 block 49TH AV
3/9/2011838Theft From Auto9500 block 49TH PL
3/9/2011850Theft From Auto4800 block HOLLYWOOD RD
3/9/20111133Theft From Auto9000 block BALTIMORE AV
3/10/20111002Theft From Auto9600 block BALTIMORE AV
3/11/20111310Theft From AutoBALTIMORE AV/ CAP BELT IL NO HY
3/11/20112120Vandalism9300 block CHERRY HILL RD
3/12/20111446Theft4700 block CHERRY HILL RD
3/12/20111003Stolen Vehicle10000 block BALTIMORE AV
3/14/20111236Theft9300 block CHERRY HILL RD
3/15/20111622Breaking & Entering9300 Block CHERRY HILL RD
3/15/20112121Breaking & Entering10000 Block 52ND AV
3/15/20111733Theft4700 Block CHERRY HILL RD
3/15/20111707Vandalism9500 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/15/20111353Stolen Auto9500 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/16/20111250Assault9900 Block RHODE ISLAND AV
3/16/2011618Theft From Auto9900 Block 51ST TE
3/16/2011804Theft From Auto9500 Block 50TH PL
3/16/2011818Theft From Auto4800 Block INDIAN LN
3/16/2011940Theft From Auto4800 Block FOX ST
3/16/20111043Theft From Auto9700 Block 52ND AV
3/16/20111220Vandalism9700 Block 52ND AV
3/16/20112130Stolen Auto9500 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/17/20111003Theft From Auto10000 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/18/20111303Vandalism10000 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/18/20111848Stolen Auto10100 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/18/20111540Recovered Stolen Auto10000 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/18/20111608Recovered Stolen Auto5200 Block HURON ST
3/19/2011945Theft4900 Block LACKAWANNA ST
3/20/20112140Theft5200 Block KENESAW ST
3/21/2011809Theft From Auto4800 Block ERIE ST
3/21/20111609Stolen Auto9400 Block BALTIMORE AV
3/21/20111630Stolen Auto9400 Block RHODE ISLAND AV
3/22/2011640Breaking & Entering4900 block HURON ST
3/22/2011550Theft From Auto4700 block CADDO ST
3/24/20111412Breaking & Entering4700 block MUSKOGEE ST
3/24/20111727Breaking & Entering9400 block 52ND AV
3/25/20111923Theft4900 block IROQUOIS ST
3/26/20111439Assault (Arrest)10000 block BALTIMORE AV
3/26/20111917Vandalism9300 block CHERRY HILL RD
3/27/20111821Stolen Auto10000 block BALTIMORE AV
3/29/2011751Theft6000 block SPRINGHILL DR
3/29/20111609Theft9800 block BALTIMORE AV
3/30/2011728Theft from Auto3600 block MARLBROUGH WY
3/30/20111355Theft from Auto9700 block 52ND PL
3/30/20112050Recovered Stolen Auto10100 block BALTIMORE AV
3/30/20112230Recovered Stolen Auto9100 block BALTIMORE AV