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Mapping Crimes in the Neighborhood

When it comes to mapping crime in the neighborhood, the sources are many. We have PG county police department’s C.E.R.T. (Community Emergency Response Team) reports that you can see on NCPCA’s monthly meeting minutes. There are also monthly reports from PG contract police who serves our city. Thanks to Patrick and Afzali for putting up the reports on their sites on a regular basis. You can also get reports from other police departments operating in our neighborhood on websites like and Nixle crime alert system. Unfortunately, I’ve found that the crimes reported on these sites are not quite complete. Then you get the news on crimes from your neighbors, some reported but not published anywhere on the above mentioned sources. Part of the reason many crimes are not reported in details is because of ongoing investigations on these crimes.



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  1. you may also want to check SpotCrime

  2. Fazlul

    Colin, Thanks a lot for mentioning . It’s a cool and clean report site, and in some respect better than the site. Unfortunately, when I looked at the PG County’s crime report, it does not list any crime in our county. It could be that it does not have the live feed from the PG police department.

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