Police at crime scene

A man was stabbed at around 8:15 last night, a man was stabbed Wednesday night at the 7-11 store on Edgewood road.

Police were called to the 4900 block of Edgewood Road about 8:15 p.m., and found the wounded man at the store, said Cpl. Larry Johnson, a spokesman. The victim, who was not identified, was taken to a hospital in serious condition, but officials said the wounds did not appear to be life threatening.

Investigators think the victim knew his assailant, but it was not immediately clear what prompted the confrontation, the Washington Post reports.

Also, it’s still too early to say that the incident is related to 7-11 store itself. According to our Public Safety staff, there is a strong possibility that it could be a random crime between suspect and victim. Victim may have gone to 7-11 to call police.

Also, when I went there last night after the incident happened, I saw a couple of houses on Edgewood Road cordoned off using orange tapes.

We’ll keep you posted as the Police complete their investigation. Thanks for your patience.

UPDATE: Officer called me and confirmed that it’s an isolated incident. The victim and suspect knew each other before the incident happened last night. An arrest warrant has also been issued against the suspect.