Volunteering - Working Together

Today is the first day of yet another year. Like my first post of the last year, I’d like to talk again about volunteerism, which is one of my most favorite topics.

There is a sense of self rewarding experience when we volunteer – it’s all about giving to our community where we live together. You and I may be privileged ones, who don’t need others’ help, but there are many who do. Then there are work that need collective help, the City and local governments can only do so much in its limited budget.

  • The first thing is to find a list of projects that you can work on. You will be surprised to see the number of projects out there that need your help. If you have an idea of starting out a new project, please take a look at the existing ones, before starting your own. Some of the projects I’ve seen in our part of the town include: working in neighborhood watch program, food and clothing drive and community cleanups. There are also a bunch of City committees that you can volunteer to work.
  • The next step would be about managing time in our busy schedule, which I think is extremely important. Many of the projects are ongoing in nature; thus it should be easy for you to plan ahead when and where you will be volunteering. 
  • I also suggest you to getting other members of your family in this volunteering projects. Getting involved the family members can help you in having important and quality family time together. I’ve always seen younger ones in the family find volunteering extremely fun. You may also be helping them to start a lifelong journey of volunteering by getting them work with you.

Please let me know if you need more information on how to volunteer in College Park.