Make a Difference in Your Neighborhood at the Good Neighbor Day 2022

Many local projects are waiting for you to register at the upcoming Good Neighbor Day on November 12, 2022. Here are a few projects in north College Park. Please see below the project descriptions and the links the registration link to volunteer.

1. Beautify Hollywood Elementary School
9811 49th Ave. College Park, Maryland 20740
Trim Trees and Bushes – Clean out Bush Beds and Spread Mulch in those areas – Clean out weeds between sidewalk cracks – Sweep up sidewalks and streets -Plant pollinating and native plants around the building – Collect loose Tree Branches – Trim Trees and Trim Bushes – Clean out weeds between sidewalk cracks.
Please register here: https://pgc.samaritan.com/custom/1543/opp_details/231704

2. Beautify Al-Huda School
5301 Edgewood Rd, College Park, Md 20740
Planting flowers in the current raised flower beds, installing trellises with climbing roses against the school building, installing a few decorative planters, and assembling new benches to create an atmosphere for the students to enjoy and where staff can relax, eat and talk to their peers during breaks or leisure time.

Please register here: https://pgc.samaritan.com/custom/1543/opp_details/231680

3. Build a Tiny Library
5301 Edgewood Rd, College Park, Md 20740
Build a tiny library for K-4th grade books to be installed at the North College Park Hollywood Park and/or the College Park Youth and Family Service Center.
Register Here: https://pgc.samaritan.com/custom/1543/opp_details/231711

4. Remove Invasive Species, Beautify College Park
United Methodist Church 9601 Rhode Island Avenue, College Park, MD 20740
Volunteers will remove overgrown bamboo, weeds, poison ivy, and bushes, as well as spread
Please register here: https://pgc.samaritan.com/custom/1543/opp_details/231736

5. Plant Pollinator-Friendly Plants: Lackawanna and 53rd
Lackawanna St. and 53rd Ave.
Volunteers will plant a selection of native, pollinator-feeding, flowering herbaceous plants in the eastern islands at Lackawanna St. and 53rd Ave. (entrance to the Greenbelt Metro Station). This will require digging space for root balls, placing plants in the ground, and landscaping the surface around the plants.
Please register here: https://pgc.samaritan.com/custom/1543/opp_details/231722

6. Place Medallions on Storm Drains to Prevent Dumping
9801 Rhode Island Ave, College Park, MD 20740 (MOM’s parking lot)
Place 80+ medallions on storm drains on frequently traveled streets in College Park. Medallions are easy to place with the glue provided by Committee for Better Environment – no special training.
Please register here: https://pgc.samaritan.com/custom/1543/opp_details/231742

7. Plant Front Garden and Restore Rear Garden at American Legion Post 217
9218 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740
Plant flowers, weeds, mulch, and trim bushes in the front garden. Perform flower bed maintenance in the rear garden, including trimming bushes and picking up branches, sticks and yard waste.
Please register here: https://pgc.samaritan.com/custom/1543/opp_details/231740

8. Design a Pollinator Garden for Veterans of the American Legion Post 217
9218 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740
Volunteers will be designing and setting up a Pollinator Garden with pollinator-friendly plants, a rain barrel, and installing several “Bee Hotels for Wild Bees”. During this project, we will also learn what and why we are using the following plants, such as items that bloom in early spring and throughout the summer. Willow, maple, redbud, and wild cherry provide pollen for early emerging mason bees. Later blooming wildflowers such as purple coneflower, black-eyed Susan, and bee balm provide foraging resources for leafcutter bees.
Please register here: https://pgc.samaritan.com/custom/1543/opp_details/231723

9. Assist Residents of Attack Towers with Decluttering
9014 Rhode Island Ave College Park MD 20740
Residents at Attick Towers will place unwanted items in hallways, and volunteers will remove them from the hallways and put them in a dumpster; Volunteers will also collect unwanted documents to be shredded.
Please register here: https://pgc.samaritan.com/custom/1543/opp_details/231717

10. Friendly Phone Call with a Senior Resident
Virtual Volunteers will make calls to residents aging in place who feel disconnected and dealing with isolation
Please register here: https://pgc.samaritan.com/custom/1543/opp_details/231746

11. Help Teach IT Skills to Residents of Attick Towers
9014 Rhode Island Ave College Park MD 20740
The volunteers will be conducting an IT workshop with interested residents. They will have questions about doing things on their iPhones or androids. They may also have some questions about how to use computers. We would like them to bring down their phones, tablets, etc, to use during the event. The HACCP also has a couple of computers that can be used to demonstrate how to do certain things for the residents.
Please register here: https://pgc.samaritan.com/custom/1543/opp_details/231716

12. Good Neighbor Day 2022 Senior Services Personal Hygiene Supplies
9014 Rhode Island Ave College Park, MD 20740
Distribute personal hygiene supplies to senior residents
Please register here: https://pgc.samaritan.com/custom/1543/opp_details/231715

13. Beautify the Cherry Hill Park
4620 Cherry Hill Rd, College Park, MD 20740
Assist Park Rangers in removing litter from Cherry Hill Community Park. This includes litter on land and in ponds.
Please register here: https://pgc.samaritan.com/custom/1543/opp_details/231708

14. Good Neighbor Annual Food Drive
IKEA College Park
Volunteer to take and sort food donations
Pack Meals for the Hungry at IKEA College Park. Package shelf-stable meals to combat food insecurity within the College Park community.
Please register here: https://pgc.samaritan.com/custom/1543/opp_details/231714

Here you can see the complete list of service projects and links to register them on M-NCPPC’s website.

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