Last week, Councilwoman Mary Lehman told me that the M-NCPPC has approved the budget today with $50,000 with additional programming. The City will work to make good use of this money for our seniors/community members. There are funds available in the FY19 City and the M-NCPPC budgets that could possibly be used to expand, the current offerings, or even start a full-time community center in north College Park.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to write to M-NCPPC for additional funding. I also want to acknowledge the work of former Council members Nagle and Cook and other members of the NCPCA and the larger community for their advocacies. Alos, I also want to thank the NCPCA president John Krouse for his active involvement in this project. Finally, I want to recognize that it was Councilwoman Mary Lehman who asked the money in the current M-NCPPC budget. It’s really an excellent team effort! Congratulations, all.

The idea of having a community / senior center in north College Park is not a new one. Residents, in particular, seniors have asked for the center probably for more than a decade now. One north College Park resident (Anne Bolduc) recently collected a 200+ signature petition recently in support of the center. For example, many of our seniors live alone in their homes during the daytime and they would appreciate having a place close to their homes where they can simply hang out and feel the ownership and call it a “second home”. Many of them are also confident and are very creative to run their own programs, as they spent many years in building our community, thus we may not need a full-time staffing at the center.