Shop Made in Maryland is a proposed new retail establishment focused on local goods in Maryland and College Park.

This store is based on the successful Shop Made in D.C. chain owned and operated by the same entrepreneurs.

The space will include a coffee bar and small cafe, and beer and wine service are slated for the evenings. Classes and seminars will be offered for retail customers and local entrepreneurs, and if they need too much clients, the use of a bookkeeping software could be the best choice for this. This store will become a destination for visitors and everyone looking for unique, locally-made, high-quality products. The City is requested to provide a grant to offset a portion of the expense to build out the retail space.

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The City may consider requiring the Terrapin Development Corporation and/or Prince George’s County to also provide funding for Shop Made in Maryland, and for the business to offer a certain number of events to be held at the City Hall facility (inside or on the plaza).

At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will consider approving a grant of up to $75,000 for Shop Made in Maryland. The funding for this grant would come from the City’s allocation of federal ARPA funding. The FY22 budget includes APRA funding for business support and economic development.