Councilmanic District boundaries around Greenbelt Metro

A proposed county district boundary map for our area has put Greenbelt Metro in District 3.

Currently Metro is within councilmanic District 1.

The Greenbelt Metro development has always been a matter of concern for north College Park residents. Our area will be directly affected by any negative impact of the development there.

Residents are concerned about possible high rise constructions and also storm water management responsible to carry water from the Narragansett Run in north College Park. Failure during heavy rain could have catastrophic effects, such as flooding, on homeowners throughout the area.

If the Metro area goes into District 3, decisions about Metro development will largely be decided by county council representative in district 3. In other words, residents of district 1 will be in a weaker position to influence decisions made on these development.

Thus I think for the better interest of north College Park, the Greenbelt Metro should stay where it is now (in District 1). If you are concerned, you should write to the Clerk of the County Council (County Administration Building), at this address: 14741 Governor Oden Bowie Drive, Upper Marlboro, MD