Latest Updates on Duvall Field and Hollywood Streetscape Projects

Thanks to City staff who attended last week’s North College Park Community Association and gave the following report about two projects in north College Park.

Duvall Field
A Request for Proposals (RFP) for design consultants was advertised on September 3 and was opened on September 28. Twelve submissions were received and are being reviewed by staff. A recommendation for contract award will go to City Council on October 27. The design phase will take 7-12 months, followed by a bidding and construction phase that will take about 9 months. Completion is planned for the summer 2022. The design phase calls for the consultant to submit 3 preliminary conceptual design alternatives and cost estimates which will be presented at a community meeting and to the City Council. Once an alternative is selected by the City Council, the consultant will prepare detailed design plans and construction drawings. When these plans are at the 60% completion stage, they will be presented at another community meeting and City Council meeting for review and comment.

Hollywood Streetscape
The design plans and construction drawings for this project are 95% complete and just waiting for final comments and permits from DPIE. Even with a permit expediter, this review has taken an extraordinary amount of time and has been impacted by the pandemic. According to our consulting engineer, we should have the permit within a month and then be able to solicit construction bids. It is anticipated that a construction contract will be awarded by City Council over the winter with construction beginning in March 2021 and completion by November 2021. We are still working with Carrollton Enterprises (owner of the Hollywood Shopping Center) to get an agreement for paving the “goat path” from Rhode Island Avenue to the parking lot and hope to be able to include it as part of the project.

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