Latest Status of City’s Capital Projects

The following City of College Park projects are funded through grants and the general fund. Detailed information about them can be found on the City’s website – www.collegeparkmd.gov/252/Projects.

Hollywood Streetscape Project under construction

75% complete. Milling of roadway completed, with asphalt paving scheduled to begin November 2.

Rhode Island Avenue Bike Lanes Design plans and specifications

100% complete. City Council awarded a construction contract on September 13, 2022, and requested an additional design for vertically buffered lanes.

Duvall Field Design plans

60% complete and under review. A community meeting was held on July 26 and City Council reviewed on September 6, 2022. Further review by City Council will be scheduled.

49th Avenue Sidewalk

Construction is completed, and grant closeout is underway.

Hollywood Road Sidewalk

Design plans and bid package are 90% complete and under review by the state. Construction bids will be solicited after state approval.

Cherokee Street Sidewalk

City Council award of the construction contract is pending County Notice to Proceed under the CDBG grant.

Veo Parking Hubs and Bike racks

Finalizing locations and scope of work to solicit contractor bids for installation.

North College Park Community Center Feasibility Study

M-NCPPC Feasibility Study for site selection is underway. Test fits and conceptual design plans were prepared for two sites, and a virtual community meeting was held on October 17. A poll during the meeting indicated a preference for the Hollywood Shopping Center location.

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