We have some great news on the status of the latest power outages. It looks like some 55 residents on Niagara Rd got their power back this morning. Another 133 houses on and around 49th got their power last night, with 16 houses still in dark. That said, there are still some spots in our district where residents are without power. Please see the latest outage map below. Each green triangle represents 1 to 6 houses.

Council member Wojahn and I have asked staff to have Davis Hall open today as a cooling center, and it will be available until 8 pm for those of you still without power. Just a warning, staff has advised that people attending there be careful in the parking lot due to trucks coming in and out that are not accustomed to having residents around. Also, staff has asked that we advise residents to stay away from the yard. Please let us know if you have any questions.

Also, Wesleyan Church located at 4915 Edgewood Road has been kind enough to open their doors today and tomorrow until 8pm as a cooling center. If you know someone in need, please let him or her know. [phone: 301-441-2388 / 301-938-3068]. Both Davis Hall and the Church have water coolers inside,