We had a productive NCPCA meeting last night at Davis Hall. Here goes a brief summary:

PG COPS police officer Sarita briefed us about the incident of sexual assault at the Metro and the robbery at the Mundo Latino Market. She also mentioned that on June 24th, the Pawn shop at the Rhode Island and Edgewood Road was robbed, two assault rifles were stolen. She said there have been 5 B&Es from May 1st to June 6th. There have been 7 auto thefts during this period, mostly GPSs were stolen.

NCPCA had its new board of directors for the year 2010-2011. Mark Shroder was elected as President; Bill Robertson was elected as Vice President; I was elected as Secretary. Joseph Smith was elected as Treasurer.  The President elect later announced that he appointed Mohammed Taluckder and Donna Weene as members of the Board of Directors.

Sean Kirk and Brian Haddad of the Bamboo Eater made a short presentation on their newly opened tobacco shop on 9935 Rhode Island Avenue. They said their store does not sell tobacco and only sells tobacco accessories, jewelry and local art works. They will only sell their tobacco related products to adults (18+) and will ensure that underage children do not gather in front of their store. When asked about a MD state law banning sales and display of drug paraphernalia items such as glass pipes etc. in their store, they claimed that they checked with local government officials, who verified their business practice as legal.

Senator Jim Rosapepe, Delegates Barbara Frush, Ben Barnes and Joseline Pena Melnyk of MD 21st Delegation presented their report on the 2010 Maryland Legislative session. Their major accomplishments in the past legislative session include: use of stimulus funds in repairing roads, schools and transit lines and preservation of police and teachers jobs. They also passed several bills –  a bill banning hand-held cell phones while driving, a bill closing down health insurance loopholes, a bill extending sentencing terms for sex offender, a bill protecting senior citizens from reverse mortgage scams, a bill requiring banks to try working with homeowners and state officials before foreclosure on homes. They also approved 3.8% increase in public school funding over 2010 levels and kept state funding for local transits.

With last night’s meeting, NCPCA will go into summer recess. The next regular monthly meeting is scheduled in September.