We covered a lot in last night’s meeting.

PG COPS police officer Sarita could not come, however, she sent a crime report for the member. I also attended another safety meeting at the city hall on the night before. Ofc Sarita and Ofc. Taylor made presentations there too. I hope to make a post on these reports soon.

Celeste Bryant of the EnvisionPrinceGeorges came to make a presentation on the program and took question. She invited members to join the March 20 community meeting. More to follow in another post.

Alex E. Compagent, Partnership Specialist, Philadelphia Regional Census Center came over to make a presentation on the upcoming Census 2010. Residents will start receiving census forms by mail from March 15 and will have 3 weeks to respond. If they fail to do so, census volunteers will come  and visit to residents’ houses to collect census data. There are only 10 questions in the short form (25 in the long form).

Members continued the discussion on the priorities in the upcoming FY2011 city budget. The suggestions presented were, turn lanes on the Edgewood – Rhode Island intersection, recreation board activities, more street lights and internet connection at the Youth and Family Services facilities.

A By-Laws amendment was introduced and in a separate move, a By-Laws committee was formed.

Anita Smith of the Youth and Family services gave a presentation on the facility’s activities, such as after school programs, family support program etc.

Thnak you everyone for attending the meeting. The next meeting will be on April 8.