Lackawanna St. Light

In this holiday season, when residents decorate their house porches and roof tops with red, green and white lights, a city street has joined that festivities with rows of bright white lights.

Though a coincidence, Lackawanna Street at the Greenbelt Metro’s north entrance, received this face lift through a project called “Lackawanna St. Streetscape”.

Pepco energized the lights last night.

The City received a funding of $100,000 from  Maryland Heritage Areas Authority (MHAA) for pedestrian streetlights as part of the project and lies within the Anacostia Heritage Area (ATHA). 

The North College Park Citizens Association, on March 13, 2009, sent a letter to MHAA supporting the City of College Park’s application for necessary funds in fiscal year 2010.

The project covers the area between Narragansett Pkwy. and the Greenbelt Metro. 

The original project plan includes: upgrade the sidewalks to a brick-like finish to match the homes, plant new trees, gradually change the fences to match the homes, build new crosswalks at intersections, use traffic control measure such as neckdowns (narrowing of roadway) to slow speeders, improve street signage, construct a more attractive gateway to the Metro station, add an alternate footpath to the Metro, and underground the utilities if financially feasible.Lackawanna streetscape.

An artist's rendering of Lackawanna St. streetscape