NCPCA - Your neighborhood association

Today is the second Thursday of the month and thus the day of the monthly regular NCPCA meeting. Here is a quick summary of what will be on tonight’s meeting agenda.

  • The light ‘pollution’ issue on the Lackawanna Street does not seem to go away soon. Residents living on the street have started a petition asking the City to lower the intensity of lights there. The City is saying it’s looking into the matter. Let’s see what residents and the City officials have to say in tonight’s meeting.
  • As you know, the City has installed several speed cameras in various parts of the City, including one on the Rhode Island Avenue. The City is saying the primary objective of these cameras is to improve the public safety around that area, yet some residents are saying they’re tools to generate revenues (and hence the term of ‘Greed Camera’). The City has also published FAQs on what to do if residents get tickets from these cameras. It’s also publishing the statistics on the tickets issued from these cameras on almost monthly basis. We’ll hear from both residents and the City officials on these new cameras in our neighborhoods.
  • In the last December meeting, members asked to invite a project manager from the WSSC to the January meeting to talk about various ongoing projects in our neighborhoods, including the water replacement project that has some concerns from many residents due to road repair issues after the replacement work. If you’re one of those residents, please bring your questions or concerns to the meeting.

In addition to these items, members will also discuss an amendment that will address some concerns surrounding the process of the By-Laws amendment itself. If you’re a member, you should have received an email from the NCPCA on the text of proposed changes. You can also check the text on NCPCA’s website here. Please review those changes before coming to the meeting.

By the way, NCPCA’s website has gotten a new theme. Though the new theme is fairly simple in terms of its layout, it should make the sites content to read a bit easier. Please let us know what you think about the changes and if you want to have any other suggestions about our web site.

As always, for the detailed agenda and the direction to the meeting, please check our website at .

See you all tonight.