Jack Johnson featured on CNN

When the Jack Johnson’s indictment story broke out yesterday afternoon, it made a splash across the local media.

But soon the story began to spread like a wild fire, so much so that it started to appear in national media sites, such as CNN.com

Federal prosecutors charged county’s ex-executive at the Greenbelt courtroom yesterday with bribery and extortion in connection with a “pay-to-play” investigation that led to his arrest in November last year.

You can read the entire indictment here on the TBD.com.

The indictment includes recordings of conversation  between Jack Johnson and his wife Leslie Johnson, who was also indicted in the case.

Here is a section of that conversation, where Mr. Johnson asks his wife to hide nearly $80,000 cash in her bra and flush a $100,000 check that Mr. Johnson allegedly asked her to flush in the toilet.

Leslie Johnson: Okay, I gotta move that too. Where do you want me to move it?

Jack Johnson: Put it in … Put it in your urn, put it in your bra and walk out or something with it. I don’t know what to do with it. Urn …

Leslie Johnson: Whatta you want me to do with the check? You hear’ em banging?

Jack Johnson: Tear up the check and … , um… , and , and um… , and … , and um, tear it up. Just. .. , just tear it up.

Leslie Johnson: They’re saying FBI Jack.

Jack Johnson: Yeah, I know … , I know. That’s why I’m telling you. [Developer A] set me up.

Leslie Johnson: You want me to put it down the toilet?

Jack Johnson: Yes.

Leslie Johnson: You want me to flush it?

Jack Johnson: Yeah, flush that.

[The sound of a toilet flushing in background.]

Leslie Johnson: All right. Now whatta you want me to do?

Jack Johnson: Go downstairs and get…

According to news report and court documents, Ms. Johnson did faithfully listen to her husband, went downstairs, opened the door and was arrested by the waiting FBI agents.