Please make sure to vote – an opportunity like this will not come for the next four years! Today is the day you will get the opportunity to decide who will be representing you in the County for the next four year.

There are many issues that the county and our community need to work together on; issues such as education, public safety, transportation and economic development. For the next four years, your voice is very important.

Whatever the turnout, today’s primaries are expected to serve as the de facto general election in local races because of the high Democratic registration.

For the voting guide, please take a look at the Washington Post voting guide here: If you’re interested in the District 1 council candidates, here are the profiles.

For our district in North College Park, we have three polling stations – the Methodist Church, Church of the Nazarene and the Hollywood Elementary school. Please double check your white voting card to find the exact location.

Polls will be open from 7am to 8pm.

Finally, let’s remember – this is your county and this is your county. Please vote to make your voice heard.