Election Sign on Edgewood Road (2009)

How fast time can fly?

Two years ago, I started this blog when I hit my neighborhood streets with a mission in mind – to reach out as many residents as possible, and talk to them one-on-one and find out the issues affecting them on a daily basis.

It was the council election in 2009.

Though  I came fairly close to make to the official winners’ list, the 2009 campaign gave me the unique opportunity to get a a sense of grass-root civic activism. Had I not been a candidate, I don’t think my neighbors would be so much interested in speaking to me and telling me the stories that affect them locally, every day.

Perhaps that sense of community activism drove me run this blog on a daily basis, even after the election was over. Since then, I have written nearly 750 posts, at least one everyday. I’m glad that I ran in 2009, and I’m even more happy that I’m trying that again in 2011.

After the news went out, I’ve been supported by many residents and neighbors, in particular from a few community leaders that I have deep respects for. They include our former two-term council member Mark Shroder, former NCPCA vice president and long term resident Bill Robertson, Hollywood resident and community blogger Joe smith, and the chief editor of the ReThinkCollegPark.net, David Daddio. Please see their comments on the sidebars. I’m extremely grateful to each one of them for their support and kind words. Their support mean a lot to me.

Will I make to the official winners’ list, this time? I don’t know. But what I know for sure, I’ll be having a lot of fun in the next few weeks by interacting with them one-on-one, leading to the Nov 8 election day. Call this an exciting time!