1. Strong Public Safety: As Mayor, Fazlul Kabir will prioritize public safety by increasing community policing and investing in crime prevention strategies that engage residents and law enforcement.
  2. Better Code Enforcement: Fazlul Kabir will improve code enforcement measures to ensure that all College Park neighborhoods are safe, clean, and attractive places to live and work.
  3. Smart Economic Development: Fazlul Kabir has a track record of supporting local businesses and attracting new investment to College Park, and will continue to do so as Mayor by implementing smart economic development strategies that promote growth and sustainability.
  4. Sustainable and Green Programs: As a longtime environmental advocate, Fazlul Kabir will prioritize sustainability and green initiatives, including increasing the city’s tree canopy, improving recycling, and expanding green infrastructure.
  5. Aging-in-Place for Our Seniors: Fazlul Kabir will work to make College Park a more livable city for seniors by increasing affordable housing options, expanding access to healthcare services, and promoting community engagement for all ages.
  6. Partnership with the University: Fazlul Kabir recognizes the importance of the University of Maryland to the city’s economy and culture, and will work to strengthen the partnership between the city and the university to benefit all residents.
  7. Enhanced Education in Our Schools: Fazlul Kabir believes that a strong public education system is essential to the success of College Park, and will work to increase funding for public schools and promote community involvement in education.
  8. Healthy Mode of Transportation: Fazlul Kabir will prioritize safe and sustainable transportation options, including improving pedestrian and bike infrastructure and promoting public transit, to reduce traffic congestion and improve public health.

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