I have a passion for building trust by promoting transparency.

  • Since 2009, I’ve been writing a daily blog KabirCares.org about College Park-related information, upcoming events and decisions we make on the Council to our residents.
  • On the Council, I advocated launching the College Park Here and Now paper, which is now delivered to all City residents.

I also have a passion for bringing people together and getting things done together.

  • In 2010, I worked with a wonderful group of residents, and we started the first College Park Day event.
  • Last year, I worked with staff and Council to bring back the annual College Park parade on Rhode Island Avenue.
  • In 2013, I worked with the community and started a farmers market.
  • I led the community’s effort to secure $25 million to build a new community center in College Park.
  • I’ve held regular town hall meetings and organized community events like National Night Out.
When elected, I’ll continue to improve communication between the city and residents by providing regular updates on city initiatives and responding to resident concerns promptly. I aim to build on my work, bringing the community together, enhancing transparency, and building trust and resilience within the City.


Enhance Quality of Life
  • I started public safety meetings that bring communities and police in one place together and allow them to discuss how to improve public safety and enhance the neighborhood watch program.
  • On crime prevention, I’ve also asked to enhance our contract police program with additional resources.
  • I’ve worked on improving pedestrian safety by advocating for flashing crossing lights, building more sidewalks and building protected bike lanes on Rhode Island Avenue.
  • I advocated for more lights on our streets to improve safety after dark. I also worked to replace the old sodium lights with more energy-efficient and brighter LED lights.
  • I advocated having our easy-to-use Accela system for residents to report code issues online or using mobile phones.
In a recently published resident satisfaction survey, residents have identified crime prevention as the top priority. When elected, I’ll work on improving the quality of life of our residents by enhancing public safety and code enforcement. Our residents can feel safe at home, walking on the street after dark or biking on our streets. I’ll also work on our continued effort to bring a more streamlined and easier permitting process to College Park. Also, I’ll continue to work to reduce flooding in many parts of the City by implementing stormwater management systems.


Economic Development
  • I advocated supporting local small businesses and overall smart development.
  • I introduced the annual business grant award program.
  • I believe that College Park has a lot of potential, and we can attract new businesses and create jobs in several ways.
  • I also worked on the streetscape project so that we could revitalize the local commercial district.

Though our tax base has increased significantly, the revenue from this growth has not. We need to revise our policy on giving tax breaks to our future developments in the pipe. I’ll also work to Increase revenues to create a broad set of development programs, commercial resources, and resident services.

I‘ll work on introducing Business Relocation Grant Program to Incentivize businesses to move to/expand into the City.

I’ll also work on Small Business/Entrepreneurship Funding to support entrepreneurs or qualified small- and medium-sized businesses.



The city does not manage local schools. That said, I have worked to enhance educational opportunities at our schools.

  • I worked to bring a free online tutoring program to all College Park students.
  • I advocated adding an afterschool enrichment program at a local school in partnership with our local school board and the University of Maryland’s MILE program.
  • I also supported the annual grant program to our local schools to increase educational opportunities and extracurricular activities.
  • I advocated for creating the College Park Academy, which offered high-quality education to the city students.
In the future, I plan to continue to prioritize education by advocating for more resources for our schools, increasing access to early childhood education programs, and supporting innovative programs that prepare our students for success in the workforce.


Seniors – Aging in Place

Back in 2015, I joined the Aging-In Place task force and worked on how we can keep our residents at their homes and make them feel safe, independent, and comfortable as they grow older by assisting our seniors with opportunities such as building ramps and railing, changing roofs, doors and windows, . The task force later became the seniors’ committee. And now, we have approved this fantastic aging-in-place program on the Council.

I advocated funding for the seniors’ program in College Park a few years ago. The program now offers classes and activities to our seniors several times a week.

When elected, I’ll enhance these programs. I will work to make College Park a more livable city for seniors by increasing affordable housing options and promoting community engagement for all ages.


Environmental Sustainability
  • During my Council term, I advocated bringing free residential tree planting program. This program will plant trees in residents’ yards completely free of cost.
  • I also advocated bringing the curbside food scrap program to College Park’s residents.
  • I’ve organized and promoted many community cleanup events before being elected to the Council.
  • I also worked with the community and built a community garden.
  • I also worked to replace the old sodium lights with more energy-efficient and brighter LED lights.
  • As part of the City Council, I worked to preserve City’s tree canopy, reducing bulk trash, promoting more recycling, and better bag laws.
When elected, I’ll continue to promote sustainability and protect our natural resources by increasing recycling and composting, installing electric vehicle charging stations, and supporting community gardens and green spaces.


Affordable Housing
  • Recently I have advocated and championed 300+ units of Affordable housing in College Park. In addition to offering affordable housing opportunities to low- and middle-income residents, this development will also give College Park Meals and Wheels a permanent place in the City. I worked with the parties to make this possible.
  • I also strongly supported homeownership programs that make home ownership easy.
When elected, I plan to continue to prioritize affordable housing by working with the local government and community organizations to increase access to housing for low- and moderate-income families. We need more of it because more affordable housing means more diversity; they strengthen the local economy, supporting low and moderate-income families and addressing a regional housing crisis.


  • I led efforts to improve our roads and sidewalks and to enhance bike and pedestrian access. College Park is now going through some traffic congestion issues as the SHA is rebuilding Route 1. However, once Route 1 is rebuilt, the Purple Line will be reconstructed, and the Route 1 traffic will improve.
  • To promote greener and healthier modes of transportation, I worked on building more sidewalks and protected bike lanes in the City.
  • On the Council, I advocated the implementation of the bike share program.
I plan to continue improving the transportation infrastructure in College Park by advocating for expanding the bike lane network and developing pedestrian-friendly areas.