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Is UM-Shuttle Effective?

Shuttle - UM

Early this month, the City received a letter from the University of Maryland Department of Transportation Services (DOTS) asking the City to complete a short questionnaire about the impact of UM-Shuttle services on the City as well as the future needs of our community from DOTS.

The City pays several thousands dollars every year to UMD DOTS, so that residents can ride these shuttles free. Residents must register with the City before they ride UM-Shuttles.

The questionnaire serves as an opportunity for the City to give input to DOTS as part of their ten year strategic plan update.

The questions include:

(1) How the City sees DOT’s current impact?

(2) does it have concerns with Current Shuttle-UM service areas and/or bus stop locations, current hours of Shuttle-UM service and current volume (amount) of Shuttle-UM bus traffic

(3) What does the City envision for DOT’s future role, Is the City interested in more, less, or roughly the same amount of Shuttle-UM commuter transit service in the future?

The request for City input about DOTS services aligns well with timing of the City’s FY 2013 Action Plan and the City’s desire to improve public transportation. Council has the opportunity to discuss larger public transportation goals while determining answers to the DOTS questionnaire.

In tomorrow’s worksession, the Council will discuss to generate answers to the these DOTS questionnaire. It will also talk about of the City’s future transportation-related needs, how the City can obtain them, and who else needs to partner in the effort to accomplish the goals.


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  1. Bill Smith

    Do they have a circulator route up and down Route 1?

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Bill, I believe Route 127 (Mazza GrandMarc) is the only one that goes through Route 1. You can see the maps of all routes here:

    Also, the Route1 Ride goes along Rt 1. More: . For a senior over 60, physically challenged (disabled), children under 5, a K-12 county student riding between 2-7 PM, or University of Maryland student, staff, or faculty, the ride is free. Just show proper identification. For everyone else, it’s Just $1.00 to ride the bus. SmarTrip Metro Cards accepted.

  3. Ashley

    It’s not free, but this route does go up and down Route 1.

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