Green Sprouts

Green Sprouts

Green Sprouts has an opening for two interns during the 2013 summer starting early June for six months.

ILIA’s Green Sprouts, a non-denominational leadership development platform serving youth and adults will provide short hands-on educational sessions on the value of sustainability and caring for the earth. Green Sprouts interns (ages 14-16) will be offering children education and hands-on activities related to growing vegetables and plants to children ages 5-11.

Green Sprouts interns will also develop and provide educational pamphlets on the relevance of caring for the earth and its role in building strong citizenship. These two components of the Farmer’s Market will be offered every other week during the six month period.

Interested students are encouraged to email a resume to and a cover letter explaining why the internship is of interest to them, the value they will gain from the internship and the contributions they expect to offer their community by completing the internship.

Resumes are due no later than May 28th, 2013. First degree relatives of the selection committee, Hollywood Farmer’s Market committee and Green Sprouts boards are not eligible to apply. Internship will be located in College Park during the summer and fall of 2013, interns will be required to provide own transportation to the Hollywood Farmer’s market. Interns shall be paid a stipend upon successful completion of the program, and shall receive training at ILIA’s training center in Ellicott City..

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