From the recent thread on the crime incident, it looks like there is some interest in forming Neighborhood Watch group with neighbors living on street blocks. Accordingly, I reached out to our Community Police Officer Corporal Lobin, who has gladly agreed to help in forming such groups on your block. If you’re interested, please PM me or send an email to

For those of you, who are new to the concept of Neighborhood Watch program, here is a brief intro.

A Neighborhood Watch team can act as an extra set of “eyes and ears” when police aren’t around. Neighborhood Watch does more than just canvassing the community. It also gives residents an opportunity to get to know others in the neighborhood, open the lines of communication with local police and encourage better overall cooperation among residents in crime prevention efforts. Participation in Neighborhood Watch builds confidence and encourages residents to take an active interest in one another’s properties and livelihoods. Members of a Neighborhood Watch group also build a positive connection with the local police officers, who often help neighbors with tips to prevent crime in the neighborhood.

If you’ve further questions, please let me know. Thank you!