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Indian Creek and Proposed FBI Development at Greenbelt

I took a tour today to see the wooded area next to the Indian Creek stream, where the fence of the proposed FBI site at Greenbelt will be located. This area is currently owned by the State of Maryland and the public has full access to it. Here are some the pictures I took of the area.

According to GSA’s EIS (Environmental Impact Study) report, about 2 acres of this area will be impacted.

“Over the long term, the operation of a consolidated FBI HQ campus would result in permanent clearing of approximately 2 acres of existing vegetation adjacent to the currently paved portion of the site. The vegetation removed would mostly consist of grasses, shrubs and saplings; however, clearing of full-grown trees may be required depending on final design requirements.”

We’re working to see how we can suggest mitigating the impact.


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  1. Sam

    Where is the public access point?

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Sam, from Metro’s main entrance, walk about a quarter mile along the outbound road (on your right) that takes you to beltway. You’ll first see a water retention pond and then you’ll see the Indian creek / wooded area there.

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