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In Pictures – Side Walks on Hollywood Rd. and Narragansett Pkwy

As some of you have seen the sidewalks being built on Hollywood Rd. between 51st Place and Narragansett Parkway, and on Narragansett Parkway from Lackawanna to 52nd Avenue. The City is building these sidewalks using a State grant called “Safe Route to School”.

Here are some pictures a resident took and sent to me today . He wrote to me “We are excited about the walkway installation in Hollywood. You are most welcomed to display them in you website if it is helpful demonstrating community awareness, support, and participation, as being sent in by a resident with the comments of our approval and excitement of our property taxes concretely benefiting Hollywood homeowners and the surrounding communities”.


SHA Plans to Build Route 1 Sidewalks in North College Park Next Year


Tomorrow at the Hollywood Farmers Market


  1. anon

    These sidewalks are great, but will the city be painting new crosswalks to designate pedestrian crossing areas along these (and all the other streets) of North College Park? The streets near the Metro are desperately in need of more crosswalks (and more signage), if only to give pedestrians an indication of where to cross safely with all the speeding cars in the neighborhood. The sidewalks are a welcome addition, but this neighborhood needs more crosswalks and something needs to be done about the speeding cars immediately.

  2. Fazlul Kabir

    Anon, Thanks for your comments. I will ask staff about crosswalk near the Metro and see what can be done. If you have any other specific ideas on where they can be painted , please let me know. Thanks again.

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