It was exciting to join the community to Officially open this latest amenity in north College Park which is a good place to start training your dog.

For many years now, residents have been asking us to build a dog park where you can bring your dogs (or I should say fur babies) so that they can play with other fur babies, and the “parents” can socialize with your neighbors at the same time.

I want to first thank residents for asking for this amenity. So my congratulations go to them on having such a wonderful amenity. I want to thank the residents for getting involved as we designed the park with different ideas in the park – the big and small dog play areas, fences, water fountains, benches, the safer sidewalk, the parking, the maintenance. Looking for a furry friend to bring to the park? You can check out this related site.

I also want to thank our staff and the project team who worked so hard from designing the park to the construction. In particular, I want to thank the staff at the Public Works who have been so responsive in addressing the issues throughout the construction.

I also, want to thank the County’s Board of Education for allowing us to use the land where we built the park.

I want to thank my City Council Colleagues for supporting the project from the very beginning. This park is not only for north College Park but for the entire City. Speaking of which I want to thank and recognize my former district 1 Council colleague Christine Nagle for being so instrumental in the beginning phase of the project.

With your help and support, we’ll continue to bring amenities to the community, including an improved Duvall field, a vibrant Hollywood commercial district with a nice streetscape, and a new community center.

Thank you and Congratulations!

Here are a few pictures of the grand opening. Photo credits go to Brian Roan.

[Photo credit: Brian Roan]