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In Pictures – College Park July 4th Parade, 2022

Thanks to everyone who came out to today’s College Park Independence Day parade. We met hundreds of our neighbors and families who sat and stood by Rhode Island Avenue. This parade is a return to the historic parade that started in the early 1950s in north College Park and ran for nearly half a century. After it stopped, several City residents asked to bring this remarkable parade back. In recent years, I also had the opportunity to advocate for returning the parade as an annual event with the purpose of bringing the community together. Finally, thanks also to our fantastic staff for pulling this off so efficiently. Thank you!


Jack Robson 1940-2022


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1 Comment

  1. Mary Ann Hartnett

    Have an honor guard with the American flag start the parade. If there are enough members of the honor guard, add the State, County and City flags as well, but at least the American Flag.

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