I went to Bowie’s 911 call processing center last night with a number of other College Park residents.

The center was opened very recently and is considered one of the best call processing center among the entire country.  The center currently processes 3500 police and 500 fire  related calls daily. During the past hurricane season, the center processed around 1100 additional calls daily

During our two hour tour, we learned quite a bit..

  • How a 911 call is received. We got chances to listen to actual 911 calls from residents and how they were logged and dispatched to police and fire dispatchers.
  • How a police officer or a fire crew is dispatched to handle the call
  • How calls are received and dispatched in areas of concurrent jurisdictions, such as in College Park where we have at least three entities dealing with public safety
  • How the calls made in other languages are processed

Thanks to Zari Malswama of City’s Neighborhood Watch group for organizing the tour.