If you haven’t been already, the City’s primary recreational facility, Duvall Field recently got some major upgrades for its concession building and plaza.

Duvall Field is the home of the College Park Boys and Girls Club, and has seen countless games of youth soccer, football and lacrosse played on its fields. It is also a great community space as events like National Night Out and Night at the Movies have been held there.

As part of the first phase of renovation of the Duvall Field facilities, the old concession stand was torn down and a brand new beautiful concession building was erected in its place. The plaza has also been upgraded with tons of added seating areas as well as state-of-the-art storm water management and bio-retention features. The project has been supported by the State and our State legislative delegation with Program Open Space and Bond Bill Funds; it would have been difficult for the City to have moved this project forward.

On Friday, October 13, the City held a ribbon cutting ceremony and celebration to mark the completion of the first phase of renovation (which had been discussed and planned over the last ten years!). We had lots of neighbors and families come to our celebration, despite the less than ideal weather.

There is still more work to be done here, and a new State bond bill was just authorized in the last State legislative session to help the City begin work on Phase 2. This phase will include updating the playing fields and providing new lighting. Other ideas include a new playground, walking trails, fitness stations and (may be) a dog park. The City plans to engage the residents interested in the phase. If you’re interested in joining the conversation, please let me know. Thank you.

[Source: City of College Park]