The City Council will meet tomorrow, at a special worksession to discuss “5-year objective planning”.

This Strategic Plan Worksession will focus on learning a methodology called Objectives and Key Results that is shown to help organizations stay focused and aligned on their strategic plans and creating the high-level Objectives and Key Results for the five-year timespan. The session will be facilitated by Performance Breakthroughs, Inc., the City’s consultant for the strategic plan.

As part of tomorrow’s worksession, each Council member (and Mayor) will provide accomplishments for the member’s district, and three accomplishments Citywide they would like to see in three to five years. These accomplishments will be based on Council members’ experience, input from district and other residents, and opportunities they see.

At last Tuesday’s meeting, the City Council decided College Park’s Mission and Vision statements for the next 5 years. Please see that below at the end of this post. Thankfully, both mission and vision statements are the top choices from the feedback you gave to me through the survey. The Council made a few minor changes to the top two selections.

Tomorrow’s special worksession will not be broadcasted, but you can join online or in-person. Use this link to join the webinar: The meeting is open to the public but there may be limited seating due to COVID-19 restrictions.

We’ll also discuss this Saturday, 10/3 to discuss “5-year objective finalization”. We’ll keep you posted as we move with developing this important plan.