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I’m Humbled!

The numbers are finally in.

The never ending count and recount..

It was probably the longest two hours in my life. Yesterday afternoon, my son and I joined the ballot counting session at the City Hall. After several counts and recounts, the Board of Election Supervisors finally made the results official: “Kabir wins District 1.”

The final counts are Kabir 306 and Nagle 304. It’s only two votes that have made the difference.

I really appreciate all my neighbors and residents for giving me the opportunity to serve District 1 in the next two years. I am humbled. Thank you, all!!

I’d also like to take a moment to thank Christine Nagle for running an excellent campaign that has brought us so close. Chris and I have worked together at the Board of Directors of the Civic association, and I know how terrific of a community leader she is. I look forward to continuing to work with Christine and benefiting from her years of service and specialization in the areas of Neighborhood Watch and Route 1 revitalization efforts.

I’d also like to congratulate Council member Patrick Wojahn on his reelection. As many of you know, Patrick and I have worked together in organizing College Park Day and a number of other community projects. District 1 faces some real challenges that include public safety, quality of life due to vacant / foreclosed houses and Route 1 / Hollywood commercial district revitalization. In the next two years, Patrick and I will work together as a team to serve District 1 residents on these issues.

This month I will be mostly spending my time in meeting with several council members. The good news is I already know a number of them very closely, The council is like a team and thus it’s important that we know each other more and work together as one body.

This blog will continue to run. As I indicated before, I will try my best to use this space to communicate with my constituents and seek their feedback before I make decisions on the council.


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