Ideas to Beautify Hollywood Neighborhood

Recently, I met with a group of residents to discuss ideas to beautify Hollywood neighborhood. Sometime during this fall, he group will work with the local residents and the University of Maryland students on a number of projects. Here are a few ideas we came up with, but there could be more. If you have some other cool ideas, please let me know.

1. Places for murals or other public art projects: Near the farmers market (perhaps the side of the REI building?), on/near the metro path, the beltway overpass on RI avenue, the tunnel at Davis field near the end of Kenesaw
2. Trash pickup: Sunnyside, Hollywood, Narragansett Run, near the Elementary school, the Hollywood commercial district
3. Removing illegal signs
4. Assisting elderly or disabled residents with leaf raking, spring clean out, trash pick up, minor home repairs
5. Improvements for the Edgewood Rd / Rhode Island Ave intersection
6. Through partnership with CBE (Committee for a Better Environment): bring volunteers from the university to help residents build compost piles, install rain barrels, etc.
7. Plantings, including trees and flowers
8. Invasive species removal

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2 Comments to “Ideas to Beautify Hollywood Neighborhood”

  1. By anon, September 1, 2013 @ 12:22 am

    Hello Councilman,

    This comment doesn’t need to be posted, but is there something that can be done about people who throw out furniture and leave it out for days/weeks before it gets picked up? I’ve noticed this problem all over Hollywood, but it’s especially unseemly when people dump used and possibly soiled furniture in public areas, such as the grass in front of houses or the Narragansett Run. There’s old mattresses currently dumped on the banks of Narragansett Run near Laguna Road and they have been there for several days, with no signs of being picked up. It appears they were dumped with no regard for anyone or anything. This type of nuisance is simply infuriating and truly harms the appearance and perception of our neighborhood. Can the city pick up these mattresses? Thank you for your attention to this matter.

  2. By Fazlul Kabir, September 1, 2013 @ 6:55 am

    Hi Annon, Thanks so much for your comments. There are several articles in the City code that cover leaving furniture in the outdoor. Here are a few http://ecode360.com/search/CO0032?query=furniture. (Article 125-10 N and O ). I’ve just asked our staff to take care of the old mattresses you mentioned. thanks for letting me know.