City has been recently asked to explore the possibility of using adjoining City of College Park property to provide additional parking for the Attick Towers housing project. The plan proposes 12 parking spaces to be constructed on the City-owned Parcel 92 at the northwest corner of Rhode Island Avenue and MD193. The property is zoned Open Space (O-S) and contains .42 acres. These documents were referred to the Planning Director and City Engineer for review, and on May 15, 2020.

City staff expressed concern about the proposed use of the property and suggested alternative locations on the existing site to meet their parking needs. The City Engineer provided some of these alternatives. This shows the possibility of providing at least 12 spaces along the front and side of the property, which would be a less expensive alternative. Another option would be expanding the parking area in the rear of the property into the green area. The Housing Authority considered these options and asked for the opportunity to present their request directly to the City Council.