At tomorrow’s Council meeting, the City Council will discuss a proposal from the College Park Honda, who is requesting approval of a Detailed Site Plan to construct a 10,238 square foot addition to the existing dealership’s automotive service center on a 3.14 acre site at 9400 Baltimore Avenue.

The Applicant proposes to construct a 10,238 square foot, one-story addition with 18 service bays at the rear of the existing building where the grade drops off sharply. This area will be filled and the slope re-graded to accommodate the addition, which will be 144 feet in width and 72 feet deep.

The building will be set back approximately 250 feet from the right-of-way of Baltimore Avenue. Due to this setback, and the existing canopy along the side of the building, visibility will be largely obscured from Baltimore Avenue.

The addition will be 29 feet high, which is slightly taller than the existing 27 feet high building. The addition will be accessed by the garage door to the existing service bay and an additional door provided along the façade of the addition. Have a peek at these guys for your garage door repair needs.

This will provide for more efficient traffic flow within the service area. Some of the area at the bottom of the slope currently used for parking (44 parking spaces) will be removed and converted to green space. The Planning Board is scheduled to hear this case on Thursday, December 15th. The M-NCPPC Technical Staff Report recommends approval with conditions.