Good news. We’ve secured enough funds to start the Hollywood commercial district streetscape project’s design phase soon.

The project, termed as the Hollywood Commercial Revitalization C.I.P. project, currently has the required funding of $300,000.

This includes City funding of $100,000 (transfers in FY10 of $25,000, FY12 of $25,000, FY16 of $50,000). Developer contribution from Greenbelt Station of $200,000 was credited to this project in FY15.

We expect the design to start early next year. This will take about 6-9 years to complete. Unfortunately, the construction is not funded at this time.

Early this year, the community got a chance to see a concept design of the project. Please read more about that here.


Rhode Island Avenue – Edgewood Rd to Niagara Road


Rhode Island Ave – Edgewood Rd to Muskogee Street


MoM / REI shopping complex – Wellness circuit