For many years now, the City has been working on the Hollywood streetscape project to improve the appearance and functionality of the area around the corner of Edgewood Road and Rhode Island Avenue. The area is generally lacking in aesthetics and has seen minimal private investment in the preceding decades. We hope that once completed, the project will help invite private investment around the shopping complex area.

The project limits along Rhode Island Ave are from the Capital Beltway in the north to Muskogee Street in the south. The project limits along Edgewood Road are Narragansett Parkway in the East, and 300’ west of Rhode Island Ave in the west.

The scope of the project includes to (1) widen or install sidewalks where possible, (2) redevelop portions of the service lane between Edgewood Road and Nantucket Road into shared bicycle/pedestrian ways on both sides of Rhode Island and a mini-park with outdoor seating on the eastern side (3) plant supplemental street trees and landscaping (4) install gateway signage and/or art elements to brand the District and (5) install a wellness circuit, including exercise stations, along Narragansett Parkway to provide a recreational opportunity.

The consultant team of Sabra Wang and Associates, Inc. and Floura Teeter were contracted last fall to develop a design of the project. They held meetings with the North College Park Community Association (NCPCA), and also with the County to solicit input and outreach is underway to engage the business and property owners in the district. You can see Floura Teeter’s presentation here on City’s website:

The total design and construction costs to complete the project are currently estimated at $1,800,000. Partial funding for the project is in the Capital Projects Fund and includes a 2017 State Bond Bill and Program Open Space Funding. $1 million has been proposed in the FY 2018 budget. The project is proposed to be constructed in phases based on funding availability. At this week’s Council meeting, the Council will discuss the scope of the first phase of the project.

streetscape1 - parklets

streetscape2 - Wellness circuit

cost - May 2017