At tomorrow’s meeting, the Council will consider approving a contract, in the amount of $86,155, to Wallace Montgomery for bidding and construction phase services for the Hollywood Commercial District Streetscape Project.

The Hollywood Streetscape Project has been advertised for bids and thus, these services are necessary. The current construction estimate is $2,500,000 and the timetable is as follows:

(a) Bid submissions due: February 12, 2021
(b) Contract award: March 9, 2021
(c) Construction March 15, 2021 – December 31, 2021

Wallace Montgomery has submitted a proposal to provide bidding and construction phase services in the amount of $86,155. These services include responding to bidder questions, analysis of bids received, permit approval coordination, preparing for, attending, and documenting construction administration meetings with staff and the contractor, reviewing and approving construction material submittals and shop drawings, responding to contractor requests for information, project inspections, and the preparation of as-built plans.

You can read more about the streetscape project here on my blog