At last night’s Council worksession, the City Council discussed the future of the Hollywood Streetscape project.

Recently, the consultant team of Sabra, Wang and Associates, Inc. and Floura Teeter has completed the 30% Design Report and Construction Plans for this project. They made a presentation of their preliminary results at the May 2, 2017 City Council Worksession and were asked to hold an additional community meeting which took place on June 14, 2017.

On September 14, 2017, staff presented the final design report to the North College Park Community Association. During the course of outreach for the project, the Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation expressed concern about the condition of the piped stream within the county stormwater easement along the Narragansett Parkway right-of-way.

After several consultations, it was determined that a feasibility study should be conducted to assess the possibility of daylighting the stream prior to the construction of a wellness circuit in this location. A preliminary cost proposal of $22,000 was obtained from an environmental consultant to perform this assessment.

Because of the uncertainty surrounding the stream daylighting, the Council decided to start working on the streetscape in north of Edgewood Road before doing the wellness circuit.

The next steps for this project include the following:

  • Select a consultant to prepare 100% design plans and construction documents.
  • Complete construction documents (plans and specifications) for bidding.
  • Advertise for construction bids and award construction contract.
  • Start construction.

The total estimated design and construction cost to complete the project is $2,923,925 based on the current 30% design report. There is approximately $1,000,000 available to proceed with the project which will need to be constructed in phases.

It is estimated that construction could start in the fall of 2018 and be completed in 6 months.