Hollywood Streetscape Inches to Final Design

The Hollywood project team has recently completed the 60% design of the project. A public meeting was held on November 18, when they presented the plan and solicit feedback from the community. A meeting targeted to the commercial businesses and property owners was held on January 17, 2019. Many comments on the project were received and the consultants have worked to address as many of them as possible.

This project includes improvements along Rhode Island Avenue between Muskogee Street and Ontario Road for pedestrian, bicycle and bus stop access, safer intersections, enhanced landscaping, and street lighting. It also includes the conversion of a portion of the service roads to linear parks (parklets) to provide public gathering space and create a sense of place for the commercial area. A trail is proposed along the north side of Muskogee Street as well as additional pedestrian connections to the Hollywood Shopping Center.

You can see a summary of the project’s elements here on my blog.

The team now intends to complete 100% design plans, apply for permits and prepare construction bid documents.

The estimated budget to complete the project’s elements is about $2.5 million. Currently, the project has $1.45 million in the Capital Projects Fund. Additional funding needs to be identified to complete the project in its entirety. It is also possible to construct certain elements of the project in phases based on priorities and funding availability.

At this tonight’s meeting, the City Council will discuss the 60% design and give future direction to the project’s team.

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