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Hollywood Streetscape Design Project to Start Soon

The Council will discuss awarding a contract for the design of Hollywood Streetscape project. The scope includes the segment of Rhode Island Avenue in order to improve pedestrian, bike and bus facilities; create more usable public space; and to improve the aesthetics of the streetscape to provide a distinct sense of place for the Hollywood Neighborhood.

The project limits along Rhode Island Ave are from the Capital Beltway in the north to Muskogee Street in the south. The project limits along Edgewood Road are Narragansett Parkway in the East, and 300’ west of Rhode Island Ave in the west. The Streetscape Revitalization Final Report was completed in April 2015. Specific recommendations in the report include building sider sidewalks, turn service roads into shared bike lane, mini-park, plant trees and landscaping, gateway signage and art elements, wellness circuit and exercise stations.

These recommendations were well received by the community but require additional study and design before they can be implemented.

This is proposed to be accomplished through a 2-phase approach. Phase 1 will involve data collection, meetings with Prince George’s County Department of Public Works and Transportation and community input to determine the final streetscape elements to be included for 30% design drawings. Phase 2 will prepare 100% design drawings and specifications for construction bidding.

Staff is recommending the consulting team of Sabra, Wang and Associates, Inc. and Floura Teeter Landscape Architects for this project based on their familiarity and experience with the City. Funding for the project is available in the Capital Improvement Program.

A FY 2017 State Bond Bill in the amount of $150,000 was approved for design and construction. Sabra Wang and Associates has given an estimate of $67,337.25 for the phase 1 of the design work, which will take about 4 months after the project initiation.

The project team will meet with the Hollywood Neighborhood to review the proposed improvements.

Please elt me know if you have any questions. Thank you!


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  1. DAK4Blizzard

    hopefully the future widening of the Beltway between Route 1 and Greenbelt Station won’t later impact this streetscape. Granted, it’s on the northern fringe of the project limits and won’t begin for about a decade.

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