Hollywood Streetscape Construction Work Has Finally Started

The much-awaited Hollywood streetscape project’s construction work has finally started.

The construction team has already placed the stakes and marking along the project’s area to mark the project’s limit of disturbances (LOD) and the utility lines.

The first visible sign of construction activities you will be seeing is the removal of the concrete buffer on Rhode Island Avenue in front of the MoM’s Shopping plaza. You will see some minor traffic disruptions as this will happen next week. There will be construction crews directing traffic.

The project team will meet on a regular basis to review the project’s progress and will give alerts to local residents and businesses as the project’s construction continues.

The project’s detailed schedule can be found here.  The project has been broken into smaller phases. They include Rhode Island Ave Southbound, Rhode Island Ave northbound, Niagara Rd Southbound, Narragansett Parkway, Muskogee street.

Construction is expected to end by October 2022.

Early this year, the City Council approved the construction funding of $2.8 million to complete the project.

Once completed, the project will add parklets, safe bike lanes and sidewalks, intersection improvements, shade trees, pedestrian-scale lighting, landscaping, benches, and public arts to the Hollywood commercial district around the intersection of Rhode Island Avenue and Edgewood Road. You can see some key elements of the project here.

Additionally, City’s public investment is expected to invite private investments to help revitalize this important commercial district of College Park. For more information please take a look City’s project page here.

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