The City has recently received good news about two projects in north College Park. They are – the Hollywood Streetscape Project and the Duvall Field renovation project. The City applied for the grant applications to the Maryland Board of Public Works Capital Project grant applications for these two projects.

The Hollywood Steetscape project funds streetscape improvements in the Hollywood Commercial District, located at the intersection of Edgewood Road and Rhode Island Avenue. The project proposes to repurpose segments of the service roads as parklets and to provide pedestrian, bicycle and bus stop enhancements as well as landscaping and pedestrian lighting. The proposed wellness trail along Narragansett Run and Muskogee Street will be postponed until a study to assess the feasibility of daylighting the Narragansett Run is completed. 30% design was completed in FY18 and a $150,000 State bond bill received for further design and construction. The next step is to complete design and construction drawings and go out for construction bids for the first phase of the project north of Rhode Island Avenue.

The first phase the Duvall Field reconstruction project, now completed, involved replacement of the concession and restroom building and construction of a new recreation plaza. The next step will be preparation of a conceptual plan with community input to determine the other types of facilities and work needed. This will be followed by 100% design plans and construction. Funding is provided from a variety of sources including Program Open Space, Community Parks and Playgrounds, State bonds and developer contributions.