At this week’s meeting, the City Council will present this year’s Jack Perry Award to Hollywood residents Blaine “Tom” Davis and Doris Davis. Like Jack, they have served their community embodying the qualities Jack lived each and every day. Doris and Tom Davis moved to College Park 51 years ago and for 49 of those years, they have been involved in the neighborhood, civic and municipal affairs.

Doris remembers being an integral part of the committee to plan events in celebration of College Park’s 50th anniversary of incorporation in 1997. She helped to facilitate the events which were planned for each month, including the cleaning of the old Post Office, a Valentine’s Day dance and an egg hunt. A staunch supporter of our military veterans, Doris served as the chair and member of the Veterans Memorial Improvement Committee, later to become the Veterans Memorial Committee, for 15 years. Her meetings were always short and sweet. Under her supervision, each and every year, veterans from all military branches were remembered on Memorial Day and Veterans Day in a touching fashion. She has since given up her duties on the committee. In the 1990s, Doris was not only a member of the North College Park Citizens Association, but she also served as its treasurer. Only three years ago, Doris worked for a month at Spellman House temporarily replacing a staff member. A senior herself, she ensured the residents had their needs met in a timely fashion.

Tom, known as Blaine by some, served on the Economic Development Committee with Senator Jim Rosapepe prior to the inception of the College Park City University Partnership. The committee led the push for safer streets for pedestrians with the construction of the brick wall along Rt. 1 just north of Knox Rd. Tom, along with other committee members, pushed for sidewalks downtown and the now long gone mural which graced the south side of one of the downtown buildings. Being a veteran himself, it was natural for Tom to become a VMIC member. Over the last 15 years, he has participated in numerous Veterans Day and Memorial Day ceremonies as an excellent emcee and speaker. He continues to work with Public Works to ensure the monument is in tip-top shape and the flags flying at the monument are in pristine condition. Tom spent 12 years as a member of the Cable Commission reviewing telecommunications service in general and applications and agreements for the use of the City’s rights‐of‐way by providers of telecommunications services.

Both the Davises take their civic duty very seriously and have worked on election campaigns as well as served as election observers over the years. They were also pioneers on the Field of First organization which was established to raise funds for the College Park Airport Museum. Tom and other Field of First members built the Bleriot plane which is still on display in the museum. While many residents are swept away by life, the Davises have always taken the time to serve their community, whether through their time giving back to veterans or improving the residents’ quality of life.

Thanks to Veterans Memorial Committee members Mary Cook and Seth Gomaljek for making the nominations and providing the bio .