Safe routes to school

Yesterday evening, I attended a a meeting with a group of Hollywood residents at Davis Hall. City received a federal grant that we’d like to spend on building sidewalks leading to Hollywood elementary school.

This is the third year we’ll be doing this project. In the past two years, we worked on a number of streets, all leading to Hollywood Elementary school.

The streets that we initially considered are the followings:

Laguna Road, between 48th Place and 49th Place.
49th Place, between Lackawanna Street and Muskogee Street.
Narragansett Parkway, between Lackawanna Street and 52nd Avenue.
51st Place, between Narragansett Parkway and Kennesaw Street.
Hollywood Road, between 51st Avenue and Narragansett Parkway.

Some residents preferred not to have side walks on Laguna Rd, another family also wanted to exclude 51st Place from the list, so those two streets were excluded. Instead the group proposed to extend 49th place upto Lackawanna Road and there were also a proposal to build sidewalks along the west side of Rhode Island Avenue’s west service road between Muskoge and The Nazarene Church.

The City engineer will review the proposed sidewalks and will contact the nearby residents to discuss the matter further.