College Park Post Office in Hollywood

We’ve been recently informed about the appointment of a customer service supervisor at the College Park Post Office, located at 9591 Baltimore Ave, College Park, MD 20740

The new customer service supervisor is Christopher  J  Dambrosia. Mr. Dambrosia can be contacted directly at for all mail service-related issues and inquires. Mr. Dambrosia’s contact number is 301-345-8923 or 301-345-4478.

If customer’s issues are not resolved to residents’ satisfaction, those issues could be escalated to be postmaster Tanya White at

Several residents have reported issues with mail deliveries at the Hollywood Post Office in recent years. The Post Office told us they have made a commitment to improving service performance. They have established tasked coordinators to review all internal and external concerns, as well as to work closely with the community and the Post Office employees to improve service matters. The Post Office said they will continue their efforts to provide the best service possible for the customers.